Approach: In a world of increasing distraction, I am fascinated with bringing people and their communities together by creating immersive environments. Blending art with commerce; product design and visual merchandising, I explore new methods of visual communication. Finding that balance between art and the technology behind it is where I thrive.

History: Before starting my own design studio in San Francisco, working at Apple for five years allowed me to explore my passion for expressing stories through product design and visual merchandising. I was fortunate enough to be part of the small core team that conceived and launched The Avenue, a groundbreaking concept of Apple Retail store design. Working the creative side with this talented team as we developed new technology that now enhances every shopper's experience was magic. 

Previously to Apple, I spent six years at Chopard, conceiving, designing, and implementing in-store and window displays, designing and producing small to global scale events, as well as leading the new store design initiative.

Bridget Cinquegrano