Glossier Flagship
  Apple:  As a core member of the small team responsible for the concept and design of the  Avenues , I was instrumental in the manifestation of the new face of Apple Retail. By leading concept and design for the iPhone Case window, the Apple Watch band launch windows, the Audio window and art directing soft goods presentation, I assisted in creating the new journey and defined the classic language of product presentation at Apple.
  Image via envelopeA+D      North Showroom  Devising an ownable experiential retail journey for early adopting tech savvy customers began with the simple idea of immersion. Assembling and leading a team of designers and engineers, we took insights from spaces across the world (physical and virtual) to inform this innovative retail design. From an immersive product exploration the moment you enter the space, to a reliable sizing experience using North proprietary technology, this showroom structure was created to be a modular “kit of parts,” replicable across any footprint. These permanent store locations in Brooklyn and Toronto were developed in close collaboration with Berkeley, CA architectural and design firm envelopeA+D and Ontario based North internal engineers.
  Everlane:  Bringing this digital brand into the physical realm in its first ever flagship, I assisted the retail team in defining presentation methods, store layout, and customer journey.
  Chopard:   Leading a team of artists, designers and architects we aimed to capture the beauty of Chopard and transfer it to in-store decor, store window displays, event design and production as well as new store design for North America.